Technology Adaptation in Teaching

Technology Adaptation

Some of the Devices and Applications used in our School in day-to-day learning and empower the student in 21st century digital environment.

  • Tablet With Learning Gateway and Apps
  • Microsoft Office 365 Account
  • Interactive White Board
  • Switch On Computing Curriculum
  • Visual Programming Course
  • Interactive Online Books
  • E-Books
  • Microsoft Education Project

How student and teacher benefits of technology in School

Easy to use

Those preoccupied with the technology challenge have to admit tablets are way more intuitive and easier to use than desktop and laptop computers, or even paper books. I mean, toddlers can use tablets. Textbooks seem to be losing the battle on all fronts.

Direct Communication

Tablets connect all major stakeholders: students, parents and teachers. Handwritten notes or tasks can be lost in no time, intentionally or accidentally. This never happens with digital data: any feedback including criticism, kudos or concern, is out there for further reference. The ‘forgetfulness’ factor doesn’t fly any more. Neither for students – nor teachers.

Live knowledge base

The instructor quickly deliver engaging material to the students in real time in just a couple clicks. Furthermore, students can use recommended resources to do their homework. Tablets give students instant access to individual research, a tremendous knowledge base available at their fingertips.

Personal approach

As an instructor, we have to address a multitude of learning styles since not all students are equal. Some are slow runners, others are sprinters. Pace differs, interests differ as well. The teacher use the e-Learning arsenal to overcome this barrier and deliver the same course in different ways. For example, show videos or invite students to play edu games.

Faster visualization, quicker reporting

The tablet is a great incentive for cultivating scientific skills. For instance, students can document their field trips right away, be it field trip, going to the zoo or a museum. It’s not just taking pictures, students can make use of interactive maps or facility-specific content available on smartphones and tablets.

Improving computer skills. Boosting creativity

Like it or not, computers rule the world, so it’s vital to learn how to rule computers from elementary school onwards. Besides, the convenient tablet format encourages creativity – draw, compose music or make films with no extra tools required. That’s how students become a creative force rather than passive knowledge recipients.

Hassle-free assessment

And yes, teachers gain a lot, too! Easier student assessment and classroom management, finding unique teaching approaches and reinventing gamification for new purposes – it’s all there, just one touch away. At last, the instructors are empowered with technology that spares them from tedious grading and provides more time for teaching!

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